About study program

During the past few years, the field of multimedia computing has been the most dynamic field within the development of computer engineering and has been breaking the records in the number of users and growth rates of employment on a daily basis. On the wave of the development of social networks and mobile smart devices, the demand for different types of multimedia content (video, animation, audio) and systems (web portals, CMS systems, e-commerce) is greatly expanding. Following the trends in hardware sales, where the dominant role has been taken over by mobile computer systems (tablets and smart phones) and the exponential increase in the number of social networks users, we created the first study program in multimedia computing in the Republic of Croatia. A combination of knowledge in most sought-after technologies and prestigious industry certifications will provide multimedia computing engineers significant advantage in career development and employment. This is why the study program in Multimedia Computing provides training in the field of front-end development, development of multimedia solutions and digital contents, web design and internet programming. Additional specialization is possible through elective courses, seminar papers and final thesis. The study program provides employment opportunities for positions of system and network administrators.

The total duration of the study program is 3 years or 6 semesters. Each year of study (two semesters) is valued with 60 ECTS credits. During the final sixth semester, students prepare their final paper/project which is carried out as a part of their professional practice and rated at 12 ECTS credits. The total number of ECTS credits required to complete the study program and obtain a diploma is 180 credits.

The study program is organized in study years. A necessary condition for the enrolment in the next year of study is the completion of the previous year, i.e. the completion of exams of the previous year in the minimum number of ECTS credits prescribed by the Book of regulations on study (it is not necessary to pass all exams). Students enroll in the next year of study in the winter semester, and enrolment in the summer semester of the same year is carried out automatically. The obligations of students for each particular course are determined by the teacher in charge of the course and announced before the beginning of classes within the digital student service system.