Jobs for which students are qualified

The list of jobs for which students are qualified is defined through the analysis of employers’ needs for particular positions advertised in this field. In doing so, it is especially taken into account which positions employers are looking for at a particular level of education.

A) Positions

Positions for which students who completed the professional undergraduate study program in multimedia computing are qualified represent a wide range of multimedia professions with a solid basic knowledge of computer engineering. These include the following:

1. Multimedia engineers

  1. IT engineer, expert on IPTV and professional audio/video systems
  2. IT engineer, expert on digital video and audio mastering
  3. IT engineer, expert on digital video and audio distribution
  4. Engineer for development of 3D models, animation and visualization
  5. Engineer for design and maintenance of multimedia internet portals
  6. Engineer for development and implementation of interactive internet websites
  7. Engineer for design and distribution of multimedia contents through various media

2. Other IT experts

  1. Web designer / web programmer
  2. Facilitator of multimedia projects
  3. Consultant for implementation of multimedia contents in IT systems

The structure of elective courses enables students to specialize. In that sense, jobs for which students will be qualified after graduation largely depend on the choice of passed courses.

B) Jobs

The list of jobs for which students of professional undergraduate study program in multimedia computing are qualified partially depends on the choice of elective courses. Overall, they can include:

  • planning and development of internet applications based on web technology and social networks,
  • understanding of methods of sales and marketing through the aspect of social networks and internet marketing,
  • implementation of knowledge adopted on the use of multimedia contents in order to improve user experience of web portals and web sites,
  • planning and implementation of e-business techniques in web projects,
  • knowledge of ergonomics of software solutions,
  • maintenance of professional systems for audio and video production and distribution,
  • digital audio and video editing and post-production,
  • development of 3D computer models and animations,
  • participation in application development projects with knowledge of methodology,
  • preparing documentation for IT projects based on familiar grounds,
  • understanding of market operations, management and business organization at the level of department or small business.