About sub-specialization

Multimedia computing sub-specialization is one of the three sub-specializations of the professional graduate study program in applied computer engineering. Through its compulsory courses, the study program covers the field of e-business and offers acquisition of basic competences at graduate level, while through elective courses of this sub-specialization, students are able to specialize in design and modeling of 3 D digital content, computer multimedia, web content development and engineering aspects of audio and video production.

From the perspective of students, the study program is comprised of 18 courses, of which 8 compulsory and 10 elective courses, that are largely predetermined by the choice of a particular sub-specialization. Elective courses related to this sub-specialization belong to two groups with one course of the first group being taught in each of the first three semesters, while two courses of the second group are taught in the first two semesters and three courses in the third semester. Elective courses are determined by the particular sub-specialization and students are typically offered to acquire necessary knowledge and skills for specialization in a particular narrow area through groups of three logically continued courses (from the first to the third semester).

Students enroll in the next year of study in the summer semester, and enrolment in the winter semester of the same year is performed automatically. The obligations of students for each particular course are determined by the teacher in charge of the course and announced before the beginning of classes within the digital student service system.