Enrolment for transferring students

Do you want to study digital marketing and you have passed certain courses at another study program?

Transfer of students from other professional or university study programs is allowed in accordance with the Law, University College Statute and ECTS credit system; exclusively for students who have completed at least secondary education. Students enrolled in other study programs, students who have withdrawn from other study programs or graduated from other study programs may request a transfer to the University College. Transferring students are exempt from entrance exams.

Acknowledgement of courses

Algebra University College will acknowledge courses completed and grades received at another institution that are determined as compatible in terms of content, number of ECTS credits and course hours with the courses of the study program in digital marketing and will determine the remaining obligations that need to be completed by the student before the end of studies.
The assessment of the compatibility of the courses is carried out by an expert committee consisting of the head of the department in question, lecturer and the Dean. Certain courses may not be recognized by the committee or may only be partially recognized so that the student will need to pass differential exams that are part of a particular course.

Tuition fee reduction

When enrolling, students transferring to the Algebra University College from other study programs need to hand in a request to the college administration. Based on the request submitted, the University College will inform the candidate within 3 working days regarding the number of courses that can be acknowledged and the reduction of the tuition fee in proportion to the acknowledged courses and ECTS credits. This procedure is free of charge.

Documentation required upon transfer

Transferring students who decide to enroll in the Algebra University College after receiving a positive answer regarding their transfer, need to submit necessary documentation and confirmation of payment of the enrolment costs of 200,00 kn paid to the bank account of the University College. The documents that need to be submitted are:
• national secondary school leaving examination diploma (secondary education diploma),
• copy of the student matriculation book from the previous study program,
• original transcript of records from the previous study program (or a certified copy of the student matriculation book) and a copy of the diploma for students who have already graduated,
• transcript of the previous study program (can be optionally required by the University College for study programs that are not publicly announced),
• certificate of citizenship, birth certificate and copy of personal identity card.
Algebra University College may require additional documentation. In case it has been determined based on the original documentation that the information regarding the courses stated as passed in the application for transfer is not true, the University College has the right to deny enrolment or recalculate the tuition fee.

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